LOTN Challenge


This is the page you will use to submit your bets every week.


  1. You can only make 1 bet per event.
  2. You MUST submit a bet every event. If you fail to submit a bet, you will be docked 10 units for that event.
  3.  Your bet can be a straight, parlay, over/under, or prop.
  4.  You can parlay anything except bets from the same fight. Parlays may only contain plays from one event and must be from the same betting site.
  5.  Odds can be no worse than -250.
  6. Only odds available at the time of you submitting your bet will be accepted. I will verify those odds are available as I will have a time-stamp of when you submitted your bet. I highly recommend using www.bestfightodds.com to find your bets/odds.
  7. If a leg of your parlay is cancelled due to an injury or opponent change, your parlay will remain if the odds are still better than -250. If the odds are worse than -250 after voiding that leg, you will be need to submit another bet.
  8. Once you submit your bet, it is final.

Betting for UFC Sao Paulo is OPEN!

Deadline will be @ Saturday, November 16 @ 5PM EST.